Eleuthera, Bahamas, July 2004

We had our 2004 summer vacation again in the Bahamas. We rented a house right on the beach in Eleuthera, an island we really like. This was our third trip there. The first two pictures show the patio in front of the house and the path to the beach. The second picture shows the shallow waters that extend very far out and the coral reefs are very visible. We saw all kinds of fish there, including a big grouper and a lobster. Those would have been very good eating, but we had no way to catch the grouper and lobster season was closed.
The following pictures are shots of the beach in front of the house, Stephen trying to catch a big fish, and Diederik and Jordan playing in the water. Jordan loves the beach. He is not at all afraid of the water, especially here where the waves are not real big. He plays boat on the edge of the water where the waves will lift him every time the break on the sand.
In the afternoon, it was sometimes very hot and one thing the house was missing was a covered patio. Then we either took a nap, or stayed in to read a book or play cards.
The finally two pictures of our other favorite activity, going out to eat. First a casual lunch of grouper and/or conch, then a slightly more formal dinner with all kinds of goodies including lobster.