2005 various trips in the USA

There were three trips in 2005 worth mentioning. First Stephanie took Stephen and Jordan to Wisconsin to visit her family there. Below are three pictures taken in one of the water parks. The first picture shows Stephanie's sister Chris with Jordan. The second picture also shows Chris and Jordan, but it also shows Chris' two daughters, Lisa (bottom) and Sarah. The third picture is Chris' (then soon-to-be) husband Randy.
While Diederik was in Europe with the boys, Stephanie took Jordan to Delaware. First picture is a close up of Jordan having a good time on the beach. The second picture is of Aunt Mary and the last one is again Jordan.
Of course you can not go to Rehoboth Beach without a visit to the boardwalk.
Third trip was in October, back to Wisconsin for Chris's and Randy's wedding. First picture is Grandpa (Stephanie's and Chris' father) and Gloria lighting the candles. The second picture is obviously Chris and Randy getting married.
Then first a picture of Grandpa with (most of) his grandchildren, followed by one of him with Stephanie, Chris, and Mark.
Finally a picture of us at the wedding followed by one of Diederik and Jordan the next day in the hotel pool.