2006 Kauai

The next pictures are from Kauai. Poor Diederik had to go to Hawaii for a business conference and added a few days vacation before the conference. Unfortunately Stephanie was not able to join him. The trip to Hawaii is quite long. It is actually farther away from New York then Europe. But Diederik cashed in some of his United miles and managed to get upgraded to First Class.

The first two pictures are from Larson's Beach, the semi-official nude beach on Kauai. The picture shows the best part of the beach, but the ocean floor is mostly (dead) coral and very hard to walk on. And there are plenty of rip currents (like on most beaches in Hawaii, so swimming is not always advised.
But while you do not see many people here, there was a Monk Seal taking a rest. This is quite a rare sight. There are only about 1500 of them left in Hawaii and they are considered endangered.
Like all Hawaiian islands Kauai is in reality a (long time dead) volcano. So there are high mountains that received large amounts of rain. Thus they are very green and there are lots of canyons and water falls. Some are shown in the following pictures.
The last picture was taken during the "team building" afternoon during the conference where we went shorkeling on cruising along the coast. The high light of this excursion were the 4 turtles we saw swimming in the ocean. But they are mainly under water and hard to photograph. The picture is the best we have.