Puerto Rico 2007

Stephanie wanted to take a trip to Puerto Rico for her 50th birthday with her sister Chris and her best friend Roni (from Arizona). So in May of they went for a few days. They stayed in
Numero 1 guesthouse
on the beach. The first pictures shows the 3 of them sometime during their stay. From left to right are Roni, Stephanie, and Chris.
There were of course many activities. Including several visits to beaches.
You can not go to a country you have never been to and just stay on the beach. Thus there were several cultural activities too.
One day they made a side trip to the island of Culebre. The local commuter plains were not very large. As you can see, Chris and Stephanie just squeezed in, but Roni didn't think too much of this part of the trip.
The return flight on the same plane needed to be prepared for with a 'little' moral booster.
Finally a few pictures of the beautiful flowers that gow on Puerto Rico.