Bonaire is a small Dutch island of the coast of South America. We retired here in 2015. We started in 2012 with a 1/2 acre of very sharp rocks with prickly plants and cacti. After spending 1 1/2 years on the design and another 2 years on the construction our house is done.

The maps below show you were our little piece of the Caribbean is:
Wondering why we picked this piece? The picture below shows the view from our house.
The tour stops here. There is more. No pictures were included of Jordan's room nor of the guest apartment downstairs.

I am also starting 3 new pages with images from Bonaire.
Underwater pictures                         Above water wildlive                            plants
The house is finally done and here are a bunch of pictures. The first ones are taken from the street and up to the front door. Notice the first of the Lebanese mosaics when you enter.
Entering the house, you see the big display case on the right with (some of) Stephanie's extensive glass collectiom. To the immediate left is Diederik's office. Opposite of the display case is a bath room and Stephanie's studio. If you go on you enter the living room.
The living room is the center of the house. In the rear of it is the back patio with a staircase to the roof terrace. To the front you enter the patio by the pool. But here we go right to the kitchen.
Going through the kitchen you end (as always) on the patio. Here is our dining 'room' and the outside kitchen/grill area. Just the view alone will want you to sit down for a meal.
If you turn left, you will see the pool and the rest of the terrace.
Going back to the living room, we continue further down the house. Going down the hallway, the laundry is on the left and Jordan's room on the right. At the end is the entrance to the master bedroom.
We are now going to the double doors, seeing our locally custom made closet on the left, the mosaic at the entrance to the bathroom straight ahead, and the actual bedroom to the right.
Walking past the mosaic, you seen our vanity on the left. Also custom made here on the island. There are amazing craftsmen on the island. Just be patient with them, it is going to take many times as long as they promise. But the quality is outstanding.
The picture of the room is a bit dark, but that is the only way I could give a hint of the view.
Walking through the bedroom we end up on the patio. See the railing? Also completely handmade here with very basic tools. Mostly just a hammer and a welding torch.