This page is still under construction. The information that is displayed is however the most accurate we have. All placenames are in the Netherlands unless noted differently. The fast majority of the places mentioned for the first generations are in the province of Groningen. 

Generation No 1

1. Roeloff was born around 1610

Children of Roeloff are:
2.      i.           Jan Roeloffs, born around 1625          
        ii.          Jacob Roel(of)fs, born around 1625

Generation No 2

2. Jan Roeloffs was born around 1625. He married Albertien Hemmes before 1652. She was born around 1625 and died between 1666 and 1676. He married Dina (?) Harmens (?) on Feb 19, 1676 in Winschoten. She was born around 1640.

Children of Jan Roeloffs and Albertien Hemmes are:
        i.           Peterke Jans, born in Oostereind (near Winschoten); baptized on Jan 1, 1654 in 
                     Winschoten. married Tiarck Harm(en)s on Sep 26, 1680 in Winschoten. Two 
                     children (Jan Tjarcks and Ubbechien Tjarcks). married Wypke Jans on Nov 28,
                     1705 (church) and Jan 7, 1706 (civil).
3.      ii.           Hemme Jans, born in Oostereind (near Winschoten), baptized on July 3, 1656 in
                     Winschoten; died probably in 1721 in Veendam.

Generation No 3

3. Hemme Jans was born in Oostereind (near Winschoten). baptized on July 3, 1656 in Winschoten. died probably in 1721 in Veendam. married Doedjen Jurriens before 1683 possibly in Beerta. She was born before 1665 in Beerta (?). She died probably in 1693 in Beerta. married Dieuwer Tiddes on Mar 2, 1694 in Beerta. She was born between 1650 and 1675 in Beerta (?). She died around 1704 in Beersterhamrik. married Anje Beerents on Feb 5, 1705 in Meeden. She was born before 1680. She died after 1721.

Children of Hemme Jans and Dieuwer Tiddes are:
4.      i.           Jan Hemmes, born between 1694 and 1700 in Beerta (?). died around 1758
                     probably in Nieuw Pekela.
        ii.          Tidde Hemmes, born between 1694 and 1700 in Beerta (?). died after 1760.
                     married Anje Jan on May 24, 1723 in Beerta. She was born around 1700. Three
                     children (Hemmo Tiddes, born July 14, 1729; Jan Tiddes, born around 1730;  
                     Diewer Tiddes, born around 1730). married Agnieta Luppes on Jan 11, 1756 in
                     Schildwolde. She was baptized on June 12, 1718 in Oterdum. Three children
                     (Anje Tiddes, born around 1760 in Schildwolde; Samuel Tiddes, baptized on
                     Aug   31, 1760 in Schildwolde; Egbert Tiddes, born around 1760, died Oct 1,
                     1801 in Noordbroek).
        iii.         Mindelt Hemmes, born around 1701 in Beerta (?). married Eelje Jurriens around
                    1730. She was born  around 1700. Two Children (Jurrien Mindelts/Haykes, born
                     around 1735; Tiddo Mindelts/Harkes, born around 1735, died before 1766, lived
                     in Scheemderhamrik in 1757).

Generation No 4

4. Jan Hemmes was born between 1694 and 1700 in Beerta (?). died around 1758 probably in Nieuwe Pekela. married Trijntje Jans in church on May 10, 1722 in Veendam and in a civil ceremony on November 5, 1723 also in Nieuwe Pekela. She was born around 1700 probably in Noordbroek. She died between 1759 and 1767 in Nieuwe Pekela or Appingedam.

Children of Jan Hemmes Trijntje Jans are:
        i.           Jantien/Jansjen Jans, born before 1730, died before 1759 probably in Nieuwe
                     Pekela. married Jan Steenwijk on May 8, 1757 in Nieuwe Pekela. One child (Jan
                     Hemmes, born between 1757 and 1758 in Nieuwe Pekela, died after 1790).
5.      ii.          Hemmo/e Jans, born in Veendam or Nieuwe Pekela. died in Hoekzijl in 1763.

Generation No 5

5. Hemmo/e Jans was born in Veendam or Niruwe Pekela. died in 1763 in Hoekzijl. married Lucea Bruins on Sep 19, 1759 in a civil ceremony in Appingedam and in church on October 10, 1759 also in Appingedam. She was born around 1725 in Appingedam and died on Oct 3, 1808 in Appingedam.

Children of Hemmo/e Jans and Lucea Bruins are
        i.           Grietje Hemmes, bapitzed on May 27, 1761 in Appingedam. died before 1764.
6.      ii.          Jan Hemmes, baptized on Sep 18, 1763 in Appingedam, died on Mar 22, 1827
                     in Appingedam.

Generation No 6

6. Jan Hemmes was baptized on Sep 18, 1763 in Appingedam. died on Mar 22, 1827 in Appingedam. married Aaltje Riewens Drijfhamer on Apr 24, 1785 in Appingedam. She was baptized op Oct 14, 1764 in Appingedam. She died on Sep 28, 1807 in Appingedam. Five children. married Antje Luiger on Oct 23, 1809 in Appingedam. She was born in 1777 in Eenrum. She died on Feb 12, 1841 in Appingedam. Two children.

Children of Jan Hemmes and Aaltje Riewens Drijfhamer are:
        i.           Lucea Jans Hemmes, baptized on Apr 12, 1786 in Appingedam, died between
                     1806 and 1812 possibly in Appingedam. married Harmannus Jans Mulder in
                     1806 in Appingedam. He was born around 1881 possibly in Oosterwijterd. He
                     died on Feb 17, 1826 in Appingedam. One child (Jan Mulder, born Mar 11, 1807
                     in Appingedam, died Mar 11, 1807 in Appingedam).
        ii.          Rieuwen Jans Hemmes, born Oct 1, 1788 in Appingedam, baptized Oct 8, 1788
                     in Appingedam, died Nov 11, 1852 in Appingedam. married Eeuwke Derks
                     Groenboom on May 26, 1820 in Appingedam. He was born on Jan 20, 1797 in
                     Loppersum, baptized there on Jan 29, 1797. He died on Jul 22, 1879 in
7.      iii.         Jannes Everts Hemmes, born Aug 24, 1791 in Appingedam, died Jun 13 1845 in
        iv.         Hemmo Jans, born Mar 23, 1794 in Appingedam, died in 1849 in Appingedam.
                     married Engelina Alberts Westermolen on Jun 4, 1819 in Appingedam. She was
                     born in 1790 possibly in Appingedam, and died in 1863 possibly in Appingedam.
        v.          Albertje Hemmes, born Mar 22, 1801 in Appingedam, died Sep 5, 1828 in

Children of Jan Hemmes and Antje Luigers are
        vi.         Lucretia Hemmes, born Apr 3, 1813 in Appingedam. died May 6, 1813 in
        vii         N.N.Hemmes, born Aug 22, 1815 in Appingedam and died Aug 22, 1815 in

Generation No 7

7. Jannes Everts Hemmes was was born on Aug 24, 1791 in Appingedam and baptized there on Aug 31, 1791. died on June 13, 1845 in Assen. goldsmith. moved from Groningen to Asen on May 1, 1820. married Trijntje Martens on July 31, 1817 in Groningen. She was born on Mar 10, 1796 in Groningen, baptized on Mar 18, 1796 in Groningen, died May 11, 1884 in Assen.

Children of Jannes Everts Hemmes  and Trijntje Martens are:
        i.           Jan Hemmes, born Apr 12, 1818 in Groningen. died Feb 14, 1894 in Assen.
                     gold and silversmith
8.      ii.          Cornelius Hemmes, born Nov 18, 1820 in Assen, died Mar 7, 1884 in Assen.
        iii.         Hemmo Hemmes, born Sep 25, 1822 in Assen, died Jul 10, 1836 in Assen.
        iv.         Wiepke Hemmes, born Apr 21, 1825 in Assen, died probably in Amsterdam.
        v.          Aaltje Hemmes, born Jul 21, 1827 in Assen, died Oct 6 1879 in Assen
        vi.         Lucia Alberdina Hemmes, born May 8, 1830 in Assen, died Ar 17, 1880 probably
                    in Assen
        vii.         Antje Hemmes, born Jul 8, 1833 in Assen, died Mar 9, 1867 is Assen.
        viii.        Hemmo Hemmes, born Jun 12, 1836 in Assen, died Jan 25, 1872 in Emmen

Generation No 8

8. Cornelius Hemmes was born on Nov 18, 1820 in Assen, died Mar 7, 1884 in Assen. married Maria Fennema on Nov 24, 1852 in Assen. She was born on Aug 25, 1825 in Meeden. She died on May 14, 1856 in Assen. Two children. married Anna Aeilkema around 1856. She was born on Feb 27, 1832 in Nieuw Scheemda. She died on Feb 2, 1889 in Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA.

Children of Cornelius Hemmes and Maria Fennema are:
        i.           Jannes Evert Hemmes, born Aug 25, 1853 in Assen, died Sep 15, 1874 in
        ii.          Tjaard Hemmes, born Oct 30, 1855 in Assen, died May 7, 1903 in Amsterdam.
                     married Elberta Diderika Ruitenberg on Apr 10, 1884 in Amersfoort. She was
                     born on Sep 12, 1856 in Amersfoort and died Dec 15, 1925 in Amsterdam. Three
                     children (Diderika Maria Elberta Hemmes, born Apr 7, 1891 in Amsterdam, died
                     Oct 3, 1969 in Amsterdam; Maria Cornelia Hemmes, born Nov 2, 1894 in
                     Amsterdam, died Apr 30, 1959 in Amsterdam; Wilhelmina Henderica Jacoba
                     Hemmes, born Mar 7, 1898 in Amsterdam, died Oct 5, 1981 in Amsterdam).

Children of Cornelius Hemmes and Anna Aeilkema are
        iii.          Dato Hemmes, born Jan 31, 1858 in Assen, died Jul 3, 1911 in Leiden. married
                     Jansje Hendrika Valk. She was born on Jun 23, 1867 in Leiden and died Jan 15,
                     1944 probably in Zoeterwoude. Four children (Anna Maria Hemmes, born around
                     1890 and died Sep 23, 1980 in Rijnsburg; Nicolaas Hendrik, born Jan 8, 1891 in
                     Leiden and died Nov 28, 1981 in Leiden; M.C.Hemmes born around 1894 and
                     died after 1910; Dato Hemmes, born Nov 19, 1897 in Leiden and died Nov 1,
                     1981 in Leiden)
9.      iv.          Jan Hemmes, born Oct 6, 1860 in Assen, died Apr 15, 1946 in Arnhem
        v.           Maria Henderica Hemmes, born Jun 14, 1863 in Assen, died probably in
                     Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA.
        vi.          Trijntje Hemmes, born Mar 3, 1866 in Assen, died after 1945 probbaly in
                     Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA

Generation No 9

9. Jan Hemmes was born on Oct 6, 1860 in Assen, died Apr 15, 1946 in Arnhem. married Geertruida ter Braake on May 6, 1887 in Almelo. She was born on Feb 6, 1864 in Almelo. She died on Aug 31, 1960 in Utrecht.

Children of Jan Hemmes and Geertruida ter Braake are:
        i.           Cornelius Hemmes, born Aug 4, 1888 in Rotterdam, died Oct 22, 1944 in
                     Amsterdam. married Betsy Pompe on Oct 18, 1917 in 's Gravenhage. divorced
                     around 1930. Two children (Kitty Hemmes, born Sep 27, 1918 in Nieuw Vennep;
                     Betsy Geertruida Hemmes, born Nov 2, 1920 in Nieuw Vennep). married
                     Henrietta Wilhelmina Bense on Aug 22, 1932 in London. She was born on Sep
                     22, 1890 in Magelang, Netherlands East Indies (now Indonesia).
10.     ii.          Gerrit Diederik Hemmes, born Aug 28, 1890 in Ambt Almelo, died Dec 25, 1973
                     in 's Gravenhage.

Generation No 10

10. Gerrit Diederik Hemmes was born on Aug 28, 1890 in Ambt Almelo, died Dec 25, 1973 in 's Gravenhage. married Johanna Cornelia Koning on Feb 21, 1917 in Rossum (province Gelderland). She was born on Jul 14, 1892 in Ammerzooden and died on Dec 29, 1966 in Utrecht.

Children of Gerrit Diederik Hemmes and Johanna Cornelia Koning are:
        i.           Louise Hemmes
        ii.              Geertruida (Truus) Hemmes
11.     iii.         Jan Hemmo Hemmes

Generation No 11

11. Jan Hemmo Hemmes married Helena Suzanna

Children of Jan Hemmo Hemmes and Helena Suzanna are:
12.     i.             Diederik Gerrit Hemmes
        ii.             Christina Henrica Hemmes
        iii.         Johanna Cornelia Hemmes
        iv.         Helena Suzanna Hemmes
        v.          Cornelie Louise Hemmes

Generation No 12

12. Diederik Gerrit Hemmes married Stephanie Ann in the USA

Children of Diederik Gerrit Hemmes and Stephanie Ann are:
        i.           Nicole Erin Hemmes. Nicole has two sons, Jordan and Mason.
        ii.          Nathan John Hemmes
        iii.         Stephen Gerrit Hemmes

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