Photo Album for 2009

The first pictures are from a Boy Scout Camping trip in pretty good snowstorm Nathan didn't sleep in a tent, but build his own shelter our of logs and ice. It was covered with snow in the morning, but Nathan slept well. You see him after getting up.
The following picture was taken at a celebration at the High School for all graduating students who had kept a continuous average of at least 85% during their 4 years in High School
Nathan's Eagle Project. To become an Eagle Scout (the highest rank Boy Scouts knows), you have to organize and execute a community service project. The future Eagle Scout has to find an acceptable project, get it approved, collect all required materials, equipment, and labor. Execute the whole project and have the project approved by the receiving organization. Nathan set up a project at a religious retreat center. There was a path on this property where every year several people slipped in the winter. The path had a few steep sections and was very rutted by years of rain. The project was to build a handrail along this path and stop the rain from using the path as a river bed. The first picture shows you the path from above before the project started.
The handrail required a lot of wood and cement that Nathan acquired from a local hardware store that gave him a very significant discount. The rest of the cost was raised mostly through donations from family, although Nathan ended up spending some of the money he earned last year working at the Boy Scout summer camp. The tools were borrowed from many different places. The labor was supplied by his Troop. Below are a series of pictures of troop members (including some leaders/parents) working on the project and at the same time showing the progression of the project.
Finally a picture of our future Eagle Scout with his completed project.
What follows are 4 pictures from Nathan's Senior Prom.
Nathan turns 18!!!!
Nathan's High School Graduation.
Halloween: Nathan, Jordan and Mason. Mason was a bit scared of Jordan's costume. The went to a little party in Union Ville, the town next to us.
December 6, a white Saint Nick's. With the snow from yesterday, it was a very pretty sight. Luckily it had not stopped Saint Nick from coming.
Jordan and Stephanie have a look at what Saint Nick brought. The Jordan gets to open his presents and stocking first.
Then it was Stephen's turn.