2011 Long Island, Bahamas

This was a continuation of Diederik's fourth sabbatical after spending a week in Delaware with Stephanie's family. Since we enjoyed our trip to Long Island very much in 2010, we went back for a few weeks. Diederik and Jordan went straight to the Bahamas after Delaware. Stephanie and Stephen went home because Stephen had to go to orientation at his new college.

We had rented the same house as last year. In the first place you don't have a lot of choices on Long Island, but it is just a great house just fitting for us. The first picture is the view you have when you want onto the deck behind the house. On the second picture you see Jordan on the 'phone' with Stephanie. The 3rd picture is Jordan on the deck eating Lemon Meringue Pie from the little local bakery. This picture was mostly taken to email home and tease Stephanie who really really likes this pie.
Diederik and Jordan like to go exploring the various beaches around the island. We are staying relatively far south on the 80 mile long island. In 2010 we went eventually all the way to the most northern tip, but this year we stayed in the southern half. But you can see on the next five pictures that they spend time on various very nice and mostly deserted beaches. On the third picture Jordan is 'petting' a rare Long Island Iguana. Really one of a kind and we just had to take him to the house. We would have taken him home if we could have figured out how.
But you didn't really have to go far most days. As the next 3 pictures show, you can have fun on the beach in front of the house, go have some snacks in a restaurant close by, or just get up early and watch the sun rise.
Five days after Diederik and Jordan arrived, Stephanie and Stephen came too. From the plane straight to a dip in the water and then out to dinner, where Stephen had his first beer in a restaurant ever since the drinking age in the Bahamas is 18. Stephanie had her cracked Conch and Diederik got stuck with the bill.
The rest of the pictures shows thar we just had a very relaxing time, doing the various beach activiies, hanging out on the deck, observing the wildlife especially since we brought an underwater camera this year. And ofcourse eating sometimes in, sometimes out.
hermit crab; there were hundreds, small and quite large.
A boat made from rope and buoys we found on the beaches
We have to feed the wild cats ofcourse.
Here you can see what we like to eat.
All of this makes for a tough life.

But after naps we obviously go back for more.
This is a picture of a Lion Fish. This is a predator that doesn't belong in this part of the world and is causing lots of problems. And he is extremely well camouflaged.

One day we just had to go back to Dean's Blue Hole, the deepest blue hole in the world at almost 1000 feet.
Stephen ready to jump in.

Back at the house Stephanie was cooking a whole Grouper on the grill.
Some wildlife that looks scarier than it apparently is.
Because the house is facing more or less east, you never see the sun set. But when there are clouds, it can be very pretty to see them glowing orange.
Another day and another beach to explore.

One day we took the canoes out to go to two of the three the cays that are in front of the house. At low tide you can walk to one of them, but not the other two.

All this followed by an other trip to the restaurant on the same bay where 'our' house is. This time we had Conch fritters and Stephen had run and coke.
I don't have to cook today!!
This is our favorite store on the island. It is the little bakery where we buy Lemon Meringue pie, cinamon rolls, banana bread, pineapple cake and even bread. Naomi must have a nick name for us by now after all the pies be bought.

Followed by two pictures that the artist in the family took.
Here is Diederik on the computer trying to get some extra-legroom seats for the return flight. Especially Stephen really needs that.

Once he had success he went to the beach for a final dip.
One final picture of the beach at Lochabar Bay.

And for the grand finale, some of the most amazing pictures Stephen took. We have seen lots of turtles, but we will never forget the Stingrays swimming by the beach. They are not scared of us and just swim around you. It is absolutely amazing to see them slowly 'fly'past you with their 'wings'  flapping.