In the front are Diederik's parents with Jordan. In the back from left to right are Nathan, Stephanie, Diederik, Nicole, Mason, and Stephen.

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homepage for the Hemmes family of New York and Bonaire

Welcome to our current home
We are currently in the transition from New York to Bonaire. Diederik has recently retired and our house in Bonaire is almost done. Bonaire is an island just of the coast of South America. It has many of the good things of the Caribbean, a solid potitical system, and being a Dutch island, good schools and a good medical system. What it is missing is huricanes (good) and big sandy beaches (not so good). Click on the Bonaire link above to see where we are, pictures of our house and links to other information about Bonaire.

For a few family pictures, you can open our photoalbum

We like to travel for our vacations. Once we were able to make a long trip discovering new parts of the world as in our 2001 trip. But typically, we are just looking for a relaxing vacation on a beach or visiting our relatives. If you like to see descriptions and pictures of where we go, look here for our separate trips reports.

Try our favorite links:
Jolien's web creation about water conservation (in Dutch)
Fond memories of Diederik's college times

There have been a couple of people approaching us to find out whether they are related or not. Genealogy is very popular nowadays. My father has spend a considerable amount of time looking for our ancestors and relatives. I can impossibly show them all on this website. However, on the genealogy page I show 13 generations of Hemmeses, of which we form the last three. 

Although it has been many years since we made our 2001 trip to Bali and Australia, I still get comments from people that read about it. So here is a series of links to the pages about our vacation. There are pictures of the outbound flight and Singapore, of Club Med Bali, our Bali tourAustralia's Northern TerritoriesCairnsDunk Island and finally of Melbourne and the return flight