Our Travels

We like to travel. There are three kinds of trips in our life.

Trips to visit our families. With Stephanie's relatives spread over the USA and Diederik's in Europe, we are not talking about weekend trips in the car. Especially when we visit our relatives in Europe; that is a 2 to 3 week trip with airplane flights and long distance driving. Here are some pictures from recent trips:
    2005 USA : Wisconsin, Delaware, and again Wisconsin for a wedding
    2005 Europe
    2006 USA : Delaware, Wisconsin
    2009 Delaware  
    2009 Netherlands and France   
    2010 Wisconsin   
    2011 Delaware

Trips for relaxation/vacation.  These are always trips to a nice, warm beach. We like nothing better then going to a nice sandy beach in the Caribbean. A beach with a nice beach house on a deserted beach, where we can swim, sun, snorkel, look for shells and such, drink margaritas, and dress what ever way we want, including not dressing at all. So here are links to some pictures of these trips.
    2002 Turks and Caicos
    2003 Christmas and New Year on Harbor Island and Eleuthera in the Bahamas
    2004 Eleuthera, Bahamas
    2005 Stephanie and Diederik went to Jamaica without the kids
    2006 Eleuthera, Bahamas for Diederik's third sabbatical
    2006 Kauai (Hawaii)
    2007 Puerto Rico
    2007 Kauai
    2007 Prague (Diederik's reunion with his college friends)
    2008 Cruise to Florida and the Bahamas
    2008 Orlando Florida (Disney World)
    2008 20 year anniversary cruise to Alaska
    2009 Phoenix
    2010 Long Island, Bahamas
    2011 Long Island, Bahamas for Diederik's fourth sabbatical
    2012 Bocas del Toro, Panama
    2012 Bonaire, Caribbean Netherlands

And last but not least our trip of a lifetime to explore corners of the world that are typically out of reach. In 2001 we made a seven week trip to Bali and Australia. There are pictures of the outbound flight and Singapore, of Club Med Bali, our Bali tour, Australia's Northern Territories, Cairns, Dunk Island and finally of Melbourne and the return flight.

Here is a picture of Diederik's favorite beach. This is Twin Coves, Eleuthera.